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Mahmoud Aboukhedr


Mahmoud Aboukhedr holds a Ph.D. and MSc in Mechanical and Computer Engineering from City, University of London, UK. He is currently a (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Solution Specialised at BETA CAE UK and affiliated Independent Researcher.

In 2011 Mahmoud won third place award at the international Science Communication competition FameLab.  Also, in 2011 Mahmoud was the First place award for Famelab national Sciences communication competition in Egypt. He was also the First place award winner for best invention (Innovation Entrepreneurship Day contest) organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Since 2011, Dr. Aboukhedr is actively engaged to great number of sciences communication events and workshops in the UK, Italy, Spain and Egypt. He worked on mentoring undergrad students on sciences and engineering and technology fairs between USA and Egypt during his participation at Intel International Science and Engineering  Fair  (ISEF). Moreover, he was invited as a Speaker at Festival della Scienza, Genoa sciences festival and a Speaker at London International Science Forum.

Also Dr. Aboukhedr was an effective member at National  Authority For Remote  Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) (conception design And preliminary design, for cube satellite), as well as STEM  (Science Technology  Engineering  and Mathematics) ambassador, and Member at the committee of culture, student union of the faculty of engineering. His work in sciences communication was also enriched by participating in MAARIFA Lab, Sciences TV and new the multimedia (Training at BibAlex for TV and multimedia Science documentary designing).

Finally, Mahmoud worked for 2 years as a Part time Researcher at Centre for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage of Egypt (CULTNAT). His work was directed on developing advanced information technologies for the three-dimensional Timeline of scientific discoveries cultural panorama project to prompt scientific content in different way. Also, He was co-founder for the street show supposed by Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. Today, Dr. Aboukhedr aims to bridge between the scientific knowledge needed and every day, using his experiences with sciences communication, scientific research and industrial needs.