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Marianna Pagkratidou

Project Manager

Marianna is such a restless spirit! After pursuing studies in education, she came from Kavala to do a Master’s degree in Cognitive and Educational Psychology. But that was not enough for her. She then became a trainer of Non Formal Learning and a volunteer in TEDxLimassol (presenter group) & TEDxUnic (speaker group), a member of the organizing team of the Mediterranean Science Festival, a mentor for School Lab, a Science Communicator and, of course, a Fame Laber.

Currently, as a PhD student in Cognitive Psychology she teaches Neurobiological Behavior and Educational Psychology in the University of Cyprus. Her research interests are in the field of Cognitive and Experimental Psychology and her focus is on the study of human spatial memory. Marianna’s current research explores how we encode spatial information in our memory through narratives and, more specifically, through comics.

However, she is not only interested in comics for academic purposes. As a creatively curious individual, she has recently published her own comic. At the age of 27, and being in love with what is called science communication, she is looking forward to meeting you and to show you what she knows through the organization of the first Science Communication Festival in Cyprus. She is, indeed, such a restless spirit! Because, as she usually says, what can you do with quietness when there is so much to learn and do!