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Nowadays, communication is considered as a basic and indispensable ability for whatever we do. The festival “How to K.I.S.S. better in Science!” is an innovative initiative funded by the Youth Board of Cyprus. It began in November 2017 as a conference and continues this year on 13-14 April in the form of the festival.

The festival focuses on Science Communication and includes interactive workshops, presentations, speeches, discussions and tasting. During the weekend, people from all social and education levels will be given the opportunity to have their first contact with the term “Science Communication”, to learn if and in what form we can find Science Communication in our daily life, how affects our lives and thus why is a responsibility of all of us, but also the consequences when this is not happening.

This year’s edition aims at the wider public and will consist of real examples of everyday life, so that everyone can identify with. The message that we seek to pass is that science is everywhere and it can be met in various ways within a typical day. This will enable everyone to realise what he / she benefit, if science starts to disseminate in a simple, understandable and common way.

useful information

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the venue

The festival is taking place in Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Nicosia.

the morning workshops

The morning schedule includes interactive workshops that will be held at the Giabra Pierides Museum Educational Room, from 10:00 to 13:00.

the evening agenda

The evening program includes presentations, speeches, discussions and tasting! All actions will take place in the Outdoor Theater and the surrounding area. The doors open at 16:30, the first presentation is scheduled at 17:00 and the event ends at 21:00.


All festival's activities will be open for the public at no cost. Free entrance.